Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Privacy policy

Disclosure of Personal Information:

Any information provided by applicants or members to ANZATSA will not be published or given to any third party unless authorised by the member.

Member’s details will, however, be made available to ANZATSA sub-committees from time to time, as approved by the Executive Committee, for the purpose of disseminating information of importance about ANZATSA issues or activities. Nevertheless, members have the right to insist that their details not be passed on to ANZATSA sub-committees and, under such circumstances, their details will be withheld from sub-committees upon receipt of written advice from the member.

Member’s details will not be published on the Association’s website unless written consent has been provided to ANZATSA.

Record Keeping:

Any paper documents forwarded by applicants or members to ANZATSA will be kept in a secure filing system within the relevant country.

Membership databases are maintained by the Association’s administrative assistants (or other delegates of the Executive) and are password protected.

Financial Records:

Fees for membership or any good or service provided by ANZATSA may be paid by Visa or Mastercard, by cheque or money order. All hard copy forms of financial documents sent by members, or generated by ANZATSA, will be kept in a secure filing system within the relevant country. ANZATSA does not keep electronic records of credit card details on any computer system.

Online payment by credit card or EFTPOS requires redirection to a secure (bank) server so that credit card numbers are known only to the bank. The banks used by ANZATSA do not provide the Association with records of credit card numbers used for payments. Online transfers of financial details are made according to internationally recognised financial institutions secure transmission policies involving data encryption.


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