Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Applying knowledge of sexual offender typologies and deviancy to the assessment, treatment and management of offenders

Presented by: Shannon Atkins from Forensic Intervention Services

ANZATSA one-day training course

Sexual deviance is one of the strongest predictors of sexual recidivism. Understanding the psychopathology of behaviours such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, masochism and fetish can increase the ability to identify appropriate treatment and management targets.

Sexual offending typologies assist in the identification of offender and offence characteristics and provides a starting point to understanding the precipitating and perpetuating factors by which the offending has come about. From both an assessment, treatment and supervision perspective this assists in resource allocation and provides a framework for clinicians and case managers to increase understanding of presenting issues.

Shannon Atkins is a private psychologist with 15 years experience specialising in working with correctional systems. She has worked in both the New South Wales and Queensland correctional systems in both clinical and managerial positions. She is an internationally accredited trainer in the STATIC-99, STABLE 2007 and ACUTE 2007. She has extensive clinical experience in the assessment and treatment of sexual and violent offenders both within an individual and group work context. She has delivered training in the area of working with difficult offenders, assessment skills and working effectively with female offenders. Clinical supervision, peer oversight and case conferencing have also been a strong focus.

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