Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse

A training day for clinicians working with youth exhibiting challenging behaviours

Presented by: ANZATSA

The ‘Wizard Skills’ program. A DBT-based recreational therapy program to enhance learning skills both during and after therapeutic treatment

Training date:

Tuesday May 28th 9am – 4.30pm


Westmead Education and Conference Centre Westmead Hospital
Level 1 Corner Hawkesbury and Darcy Roads Westmead, NSW, 2145

Fee structure:

Early bird registrations: Members $260 Non Member $280
Registrations from 1 May 2019: Members $310 Non Member $330
Limited places available due to training format.

The Training:

The Wizard Skills program combines DBT-skills with recreational therapy to enhance skills-
learning and the maintenance of skills after treatment for traumatized youth and children,
including kids who are in out-of-home care, or have other specific affect-management

The program offers a strengths-based approach that directly targets the major areas of
concern that youth with challenging behaviours display: guilt, shame, anxiety, anger,
dysregulation, and self-esteem. The addition of mindfulness training, as well as
experiential learning, allows for a more complete whole-person treatment model to
increase emotional regulation and competency (Singh, et al 2011). Using experiential
learning as a major tool within this model also addresses the language-based deficits that
youth display.

Attendees will be introduced to behaviour-change strategies that work ‘bottom-up’, and all
through the waking-hours of the day – in other words, these skills can be utilised during
school-hours, in-therapy, at home and in every other setting that young people may be
engaged in.

As skill-development takes time and effort, the trainers present the Wizard Skills program
within a Risk, Needs, Responsivity (RNR) framework, ensuring that attendees walk away
from the training with a full and comprehensive understanding of how these interventions
can be tailored to an individual client and his/her needs – rather than a ‘one size fits all’
approach that so often falls-flat with more complex presentations. This ensures clients
develop, challenge and practice new skills in a safe environment with staff who can guide
and supervise.

The training includes:

  • The basics of DBT
  • The basics of recreational therapy
  • Behavioural analysis/ Chain analysis
  • Trauma and the effects of trauma on the brain
  • Working with adolescents with trauma, diagnosis and challenging behaviours
  • How to teach the DBT skills: Mindfulness, Distress tolerance
  • Emotional regulation, Relationship skills and how to practice them in every-day life
  • How to get families and residential staff involved in the skills training
  • Developing individualised treatment plans
  • Learning how to make treatment sensory-based and multimodal

........And lots of practice with role-plays and activities!

The Wizard Skills model training has been presented across the United States, the UK and
Europe, including at ATSA and NOTA. It is a highly-acclaimed, lively and interactive (dare
we say – fun) training day that will have you walking away feeling energised and excited
about new potentials for your clients. Highly recommended for beginning, intermediate and
even very experienced clinicians (psychologists, social workers, teachers, and residential
program staff).

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