Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Young People and Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Healing is Prevention Symposium

24–26 May 2021



24–26 May 2021

Due to Covid restrictions, this event is live for Australia and a web-event for the rest of the world.



Consistent with recommendation of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse this issue is being explored within a Public Health Framework.

With a strong Indigenous cultural focus, and a dedicated ‘digital world’ conference stream – amongst many other streams – you will find the 2021 ANZATSA symposium to be a vital part of your professional development calendar for the year. Presentations from Australian, New Zealand and international speakers provide a program heavy with innovative responses and presentations of state-of-the-art prevention initiatives and responses to complex issues.

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Simon Hackett2


Simon Hackett is Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect at Durham University, UK. His research into children and youth who display harmful sexual behaviours is internationally known, including a study of long-term outcomes for children and young people between ten and twenty years after the initial identification of their sexually abusive behaviours. He was part of the NICE Public Health Advisory Committee which has established the first UK national guidance on early interventions for harmful sexual behaviours. He has given evidence to the UK Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and previously supported the Australian Royal Commission on this topic. He is immediate past Chair of NOTA in the UK and Republic of Ireland and is currently a member of the ATSA Board. Simon and Pat are co-authors of the HSB operational framework second edition.

Pat Branigan


Pat Branigan is the Child Sexual Abuse Theme lead at the NSPCC. He has had a diverse career – he’s an anthropologist with a background in public health. When based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine his specialism was qualitative research into sensitive topics and he has led the development of over 40 national HIV and sexual health campaigns, policy changing research in prisons and was also instrumental in shaping the Government’s ‘Talk to Frank’ drug awareness initiative. Pat is now responsible for leading on the development of key elements of the NSPCC’s response to child sexual abuse with a focus on prevention and harmful sexual behaviour displayed by children and young people.


Helen Gazzola is the Senior Implementation Manager for the NSPCC. She manages the Scale Up unit – a part of the NSPCC responsible for sharing our evaluated services and safeguarding products wider than the organisation. She has been involved in helping local areas adopt and embed the HSB framework since its inception in 2016. She now works with a large range of local authorities and regions to successfully implement the HSB framework & audit in their plans, procedures and protocols.

Helen Milroy


Helen Milroy is a descendant of the Palyku people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia but was born and educated in Perth. Currently Helen is the Stan Perron Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Perth Children’s Hospital and University of Western Australia; Commissioner with the National Mental Health Commission and Honorary Research at the Telethon Kids Institute. Helen has been on state and national mental health and research advisory committees and boards with a particular focus on Indigenous mental health as well as the wellbeing of children. From 2013-2017 Helen was a Commissioner for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. In 2019, Helen was appointed as a Commissioner with the Australian Football league.

Rowena Lawrie


Rowena Lawrie is the founder and Director of Yamurrah - a collective of First Nations clinicians and practitioners who provide therapeutic care to children, families and First Nations communities who have experience trauma, sexual and family violence. Yamurrah specialises in clinical and cultural supervision, training, consultancy, research and evaluation. Yamurrah has a strong focus on human rights, First Nations healing frameworks, culturally responsive trauma and violence informed care. Rowena has worked as a social worker for more than 25 years, has a background in law and justice and is currently completing a Masters in Neuroscience. She lives and works in her local community on Darkinyung Country and is a descendant of Wakka Wakka and Wiradjuri nations - her matriarchal tribal line extends to Leichhardt River, Gulf of Carpentaria. Rowena is a member of the Aboriginal Communities Matters Advisory Group; Director, Gudjagang Ngara Li-dhi; and Director, Burundi Theatre for Performing Arts.

Daryl Higgins


Professor Daryl Higgins is the Director of the Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University. His research focuses on public health approaches to protecting children, and child-safe organisational strategies. A registered psychologist, for over 25 years Prof Higgins has been researching child abuse impacts and prevention, family violence and family functioning – including children with harmful sexual behaviours.

Antonia Quadara


Dr Antonia Quadara is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute. Antonia has managed AIFS’ program of research into sexual violence since 2008. This program examines issues related to: child sexual abuse; child and adolescent problem sexual behaviours; adult sexual assault; public health approaches to prevention; and perpetration and sexual offending. Antonia has managed a range of research projects relating to: victim/survivors’ insights into sexual assault perpetration; impacts of disclosure on family relationships, and most recently, therapeutic responses to harmful sexual behaviours. Areas of research interest include: the dynamics and intersections between different types of sexual violence, service and systems responses to victim/survivors; criminal justice responses to sexual offences; feminist frameworks sexuality and sexual violence; and prevention and public policy. Antonia has a strong background in qualitative research methods, stakeholder engagement and consultation, group facilitation, and extensive experience in the writing, development and production of publications and resources for policy and service sectors involved in responding to sexual violence. Before beginning at AIFS she was a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Criminology (University of Melbourne).

Lesley Anne Ey2


Dr Lesley-anne Ey is a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of South Australia. Her research explores children’s problematic sexual behaviour in education settings with the aim to support teachers to recognise and respond effectively to problematic sexual behaviour and inform teacher training and education curriculum. She is currently Lead Chief Investigator on the project ‘Children’s problematic sexual behaviour in schools: Identifying and addressing collaborative responses to incidents’ (2021-22), funded by Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation. She recently led ‘Teachers’ perspectives of and responses to children’s problematic sexual behaviours in primary schools’ (2016-17), funded by the University of South Australia. She was also a Chief Investigator on ‘Service models for children under 10 with problematic or harmful sexual behaviour’ (2018), funded by Sax Institute, and ‘A public health approach to dealing with sexting’ (2015-16), funded by UniSA. Dr Ey authored ‘Problematic sexual behaviours in young children and pre-teens: An educational issue’: Routledge. She is an adviser to the Department for Education South Australia and other organisations, reviewing curricula, policies, guidelines and training materials. In 2018, she provided expert advice at the Harmful sexual behaviour seminar, hosted by the Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia.

Robyn Miller2


Dr Robyn Miller is a social worker and family therapist with over thirty years’ experience in the community sector, government and child protection. She was a senior clinician and teacher for fourteen years at the Bouverie Family Therapy Centre, La Trobe University, and part of an innovative team working with families who have experienced trauma and sexual abuse. From 2006-15 Robyn provided professional leadership as the Chief Practitioner within the Department of Human Services in Victoria and has also worked as a consultant with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Robyn is currently the CEO of MacKillop Family Services, one of the largest providers of specialist services to vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and their families in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. Robyn serves as Deputy Chair of Catholic Social Services Australia, and is a Board Member of Catholic Professional Standards Ltd and the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies in NSW.

Lyn Jansen


Lyn Jansen has been in the role of Prevention Education Coordinator with Stop for five years. Prior to this Lyn was integral in setting up and was Team Leader of the Stop Children’s Service. Stop provides specialist consultation, assessment and intervention for children who have initiated incidents of concerning sexualised behaviour and for adolescents and adults who have engaged in harmful sexualised behaviour. Lyn worked for ten years as a High School teacher and Head of Health and Physical Education in Auckland and a School Guidance Counsellor for several years. She has a Masters in Counselling and is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. Lyn lives in Christchurch, with her husband and two children.

Jean Macdonald


Jean Macdonald has been working for Government in child protection services for much of her career. In her current role, Jean has oversight of the portfolio of specialist services including services for children and young people focussed on reducing harmful sexual behaviours and has been a strong advocate for initiating this Pilot. Her career in social work started in the post adoption field working in both Australia and New Zealand. Jean has held management roles and currently looks after a National Team who provide advice and support on Specialist Out of Home Care Services and Interventions for those with very high and complex support needs. She is a registered social worker with an undergraduate degree in Political Science. Jean lives in Wellington, with her husband and is lucky to have had both her children, 24 and 26, return to live in Wellington – for now.

Jane Silovsky


Jane F. Silovsky, PhD, Professor, is a clinical child psychologist and the Director of the Center on Child Abuse and Neglect and the National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth (, a training and technical assistance center. Dr. Silovsky received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Alabama. Currently, she is the Jean Gumerson Chair and Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Since 1997, she has been the Director of the Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior program, an assessment, treatment, and research program for preschool and school age children with problematic sexual behavior. Her research is in problematic sexual behavior of youth, systems change, culturally congruent services, and implementation of prevention and treatment programs.

Catherine Want


Catherine Want is a Social Worker who has worked in the area of interpersonal violence, abuse and neglect for over thirty years. She has worked primarily at a small NGO called Rosie’s Place which is situated in western Sydney and provides a family focused counselling and advocacy service for children and young people who have been subjected to interpersonal violence and abuse. As part of this work Catherine has worked with families when a child has displayed problematic or harmful sexual behaviour and is guided by a practice framework underpinning work at Rosie’s Place which adheres to fundamental principles including children’s rights, contextual analysis of their lived experiences and therapeutic responses which acknowledges their identities of difference with respect and safety. Catherine Want has also been a contracted trainer with NSW Education centre Against Violence and in this role which encompasses over 20 years, has developed training programs and resources across a wide spectrum of issues, including responding to children who display problematic or harmful sexual behaviour.

Kevin Creeden



Kevin Creeden is Director of Assessment and Research at Whitney Academy (USA). He has 35+ years of clinical experience treating children, adolescents, adults and families working extensively with sexually and physically aggressive youth. Over the past 25 years, he has focused on trauma and attachment difficulties. The author of many articles and book chapters, he was part of the committee that developed the Adolescent Treatment Guidelines for ATSA. He has served on numerous Boards, including the Massachusetts chapter of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC), and as Board Chair of MASOC. He was a Teaching Fellow at Boston College, an Instructor in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, and a guest faculty at the Boston University School of Social Work. Kevin trains and consults both nationally and internationally to schools, youth service, community, forensic services and mental health service agencies.

Anette Birgersson


Anette Birgersson, is a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years-experience of working with children and adolescents with trauma, neuropsychiatric diagnosis and sexual harmful behaviours. Anette is trained in CBT, DBT, TF-CBT, PE, EMDR, and ERGT. She is also a certified TF-CBT trainer. Anette is well-known in her home country of Sweden for developing a culturally appropriate program for treating sexually abusive youth and young children. After almost two decades of work in this area, Anette opened her own company; Skills Clinic which has seen her undertake training and supervision all over Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and the United States. She is also a lecturer on these topics at Barnafrid – the Swedish National Centre of Research and Knowledge in Child Abuse, at Linköpings University. Anette is a NAPN Advisory Board member, and sits on several Boards for the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, (ATSA: USA).

Christin Santiago


Christin Santiago, is a Recreational Therapist, with 20 years-experience of working with children and adolescents with trauma, neuropsychiatric diagnosis and sexual harmful behaviours. She is the Director of Recreational Therapy for the Whitney Academy in Massachusetts. In her senior role at Whitney, Christin has developed many programs using innovative therapeutic activities in order to assist adolescents develop their internal and emotional skills through activity, movement, and clinically sound strategies that assist in them managing their trauma symptoms. Christin also has an international reputation as a skilful and engaging trainer, having both trained and supervised across the USA, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and the UK. Christin also coaches across a multitude of (seven) sports as a part of the Special Olympics of Massachusetts. The program offers her clients the opportunity to develop their skills through traditional sports as well as to build relationships outside the Academy. In 2016 she was chosen as the Coach of the Year for Special Olympics of Massachusetts, and in that same year was one of 16 coaches to be considered for National Coach of the Year. In 2018 she was selected as the Head Athletics Coach for Special Olympics of Massachusetts to participate in the National USA Games in Seattle, Washington. And in 2019 she was inducted into the Special Olympics Hall of Fame. Christin is a NAPN Advisory Board Member, and is the Chair of Board of Directors for the Skills Clinic in Sweden.

Dale Tolliday


Symposium Co-Chair

Dale is NSW Health Clinical Advisor Sexual and Violent Behaviour and Clinical Advisor Children and Young People’s Sexual Safety Program (CYPSS) which delivers clinical support to services from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Dale is based at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Dale’s work with people who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour, including sexual abuse behaviour spans over 30 years. Prior to this Dale worked in a variety of child, adolescent and family mental health settings. Dale consults widely with individuals and organisations regarding prevention and responding to harmful sexual behaviour by children, adolescents and adults. Dale is a past President of ANZATSA and a current ANZATSA Board member.

Cyra Fernandes


Cyra Fernandes is a social worker and family therapist with extensive experience in working with children, young people and their families. For the past sixteen years she has been working for the Australian Childhood Foundation both as a clinical therapist, team leader, Program Manager and has been responsible for managing the program for children and young people with problem sexual behaviour and harmful sexual behaviour. She has written several papers and presented extensively in this area. More recently, she has been working in the Northern Territory establishing a therapeutic service for Aboriginal children and young people with harmful sexual behaviour.



Symposium Co-Chair


Russ is a registered Forensic and Counselling Psychologist, with over 20-years experience. Between 1998 and 2010, Russ was the Manager and Senior Clinician of the AWARE program (providing therapeutic services for sexually abusive youth) at the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA). He has significant experience in complex cases involving children and adolescents, sexual assault victims and survivors of all ages, adult sex offenders, children with sexual behaviour problems and adolescents who sexually harm. Between 2010 and 2017, he was one of two specialist Statewide Principal Practitioners in the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, with responsibility for Child Protection practice across the state of Victoria. Russ researches pornography and its impact on sexually abusive youth, and youth sexual practice in general.. Since 2017, he has owned and been the Director of Prime Forensic Psychology, a specialist psychological practice in Forensic Issues. Russ is well-published and has presented at over 60 national and international conferences. He is an ANZATSA Board Member, a Member of ATSA’s Juvenile Issues Committee, an ATSA Fellow, and a Board Member of the National Adolescent Perpetrator Network (NAPN: USA). He has appeared as a witness in VCAT, Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts in Victoria, and South Australia. In 2016, he appeared before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, being well-referenced in the final report.

Maree Crabbe2


Co-founder and Director of the Australian violence prevention project, It’s Time We Talked (formerly Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality). She is Co-Producer and Co-Director of the documentary films Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography, broadcast on SBS in Australia and in 35 other countries, and The Porn Factor, broadcast on SBS. She is also author of In The Picture – a resource to support secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery. Maree has worked with young people – and on issues affecting young people – for over 25 years. She has developed and delivered programs focusing on sexual violence prevention, sexual diversity, pornography, sexting, and the prevention of sexually transmissible infections. Maree’s contributions to public conversations about young people, sexuality and pornography include television and radio interviews, and articles in online and print media.

Rebekah Kilkpatrick


Rebekah Kilpatrick is Head of the National Office for Child Safety, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. As Head of the National Office, Rebekah leads a team dedicated to the implementation of nationally-focused recommendations of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission). Rebekah has worked with the National Office since it was established in July 2018 as part of the Australian Government response to the Royal Commission. The National Office provides national leadership, working across governments and sectors, to develop and deliver national policies and strategies to enhance the safety of children and young people, and reduce future harm. In this role, Rebekah co-chairs the Interjurisdictional Working Group on Children with Harmful Sexual Behaviours which is considering national implementation of Volume 10 of the Royal Commission. Rebekah has significant Commonwealth public policy experience across a range of agencies. Her professional experience has in large part focused on protecting our most vulnerable – including work on issues such as children’s policy, human rights policy, and human trafficking, slavery and forced marriage policy and legislation. Rebekah also has experience in law enforcement and national security policy and legislation.

Colin Petit


Colin Pettit is the Commissioner for Children and Young People W.A. Colin has spent his career working to improve the wellbeing of children and young people, particularly in delivering education services and programs to children and young people living in regional and remote areas of the State. Colin has worked with children, young people, families and communities all over the State as a teacher and then principal in a number of regional schools, before holding the role of Executive Director Regional and Remote Education at the Western Australian Department of Education for three years. Between 2010 and 2015, Colin was the Secretary of Education for the Tasmanian Department of Education. He is a former President of the Primary Principal’s Association of WA and Deputy President of the Australian Primary Principal’s Association. Colin is an Ambassador for Barking Gecko Theatre and the Valuing Children Initiative, the Vice Chancellor of the Children’s University WA Partnership and in February 2019 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Education from Edith Cowan University.

Gemma McKibbin


Dr Gemma McKibbin is a Research Fellow in the Department of Social Work at the University of Melbourne, working with Prof Cathy Humphreys under the Melbourne research Alliance to End Violence against women and their children (MAEVe). Gemma has a background in gender studies and worked in the women’s sector. She has a PhD focused on the prevention of harmful sexual behaviour carried out by children & young people. She is a scholar with the Safer Families Centre for Research Excellence and is also the Chief Investigator on action research projects in partnership with MacKillop Family Services and Jesuit Social Services. She has recently led an action research project to co-design, implement and evaluate a sexual abuse prevention program in residential and home-based care. Gemma is passionate about supporting vulnerable children and young people and providing them with a voice to government.

Nick Halfpenny


Dr Nick Halfpenny is Director Policy and Research at MacKillop Family Services. He has practiced in child and family service for over 18 years in the areas of research, quality, advocacy and practice and policy development. Nick and his team seek to improve outcomes for the children, young people and families we serve by investigating and evaluating new ways of working, advocating for social policy change and measuring the impact of our services. Nick has managed the partnership with the University of Melbourne to develop the Power to Kids: Respecting Sexual Safety program.

Kelleigh Ryan


Kelleigh Ryan is a descendant of the Kabi Kabi people of South-East Queensland and the Australian South Sea Islanders on her mother’s side. Kelleigh is a registered psychologist, working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients from Australia and overseas. Her passion lies in providing psychological consultancy through her company The Seedling Group, who deliver Culturally Safe Trauma-Informed Practice Training and Healing work for organisations, communities, and individuals across Australia. Kelleigh specialises in combining both Western clinical knowledge and Aboriginal and First Nations knowledge of healing to guide her counselling, holistic therapeutic intervention, and training. Kelleigh holds a seat on the Australian Indigenous Psychologist Association Board (AIPA) and is one of the founding members of the newly formed First Peoples of the World Psychology Network. In 2019 Kelleigh was honoured with the Indigenous Allied Health Australia’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” and was the first Aboriginal Psychologist to be appointed as a Clinical Assessor on the Psychologist Panel of Assessors for the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). Kelleigh develops and delivers specialised therapeutic support, supervision and group consultation for agencies working with First Nations workers who continue to respond the changing healing needs of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander survivors of complex trauma. Her goal is to support change, through a transitional practice moving from Trauma Informed to Healing Informed and Trauma Aware, so clients can grow from merely enduring, to a stronger more resilient approach that is healing.


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